Situated in Northern Greece, Pieria near to the famous Olympus mountain right in front of the village Paliostani the winemaker Ioakim Mavridis is creating exclusive and diverse wines.

An unmatchable, passionate production method, an ideal location of the 1.5-hectare big vineyard, perfect climatic conditions and the limited availability and number of bottles we offer makes our Product unique.

Our remarkable way to harvest, which includes the thorough selection of each grape is part of our philosophy also reflected in the production process and the final product.

Additionally, I would like to add that with deepest conviction our vineyard cultivation is biological.

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The Wines

AVUS 2015


Nadir Avus 2015. An excellent wine from an altitude of 300 m., 350 kg per acre, 1800 precius bottles of concentrated fruit with 15 abv that are not obvious. Grapes for 50 days at high temperatures and bottles with minimal sulphite. Very good use of oak that is extremly integrated. Velvet tannis, strength and elegance at the same time and purity of aromas.


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