Visit one of the wineries in private.

If you don’t have a transportation option or you are strugling using your own, we can arrange a tranfer for you.


Karasimou Estate

Here in the self-owned and biologically qualified vineyards of ours with the help of “Mother Earth” and the excellent terroir of the region we apply traditional cultivation of low stremma crop yield.

Kourtis Winery

Mt. Olympus is well known as the home of the gods – and to his north, Mt. Pieria are the lesser known home of the Muses. Our vineyard, Ktima Kourti, is located in the shadow of the former and on the foothills of the latter, in the village of Rahi, 14km from Katerini.

Nadir Winery

An unmatchable, passionate production method, creating exclusive and diverse wines.

Pantoulis Winery

Dedicated to preserving the heritage of these products, we will introduce you to the special culinary characteristics of our region in the shadow of the famous Mount Olympus.

Chrisostomou Estate

Our vineyards are located in the arms of Olympus and Pieria mountains and on the slopes of Pydna (Kitros) Pierias. The sea breeze of Thermaikos bay, the Olympiatis wind and daily care provides our winery with excellent raw material. With great passion and dedication we produce high quality wines that expresses the local character.