Our estate is located around selected vineyards in the village of Pydna (Kitros) Pierias, in the arms of Olympus and Pieria mountains.
The sea breeze of Thermaikos bay and the Olympiatis wind ensures mild winters and cool summers with few rainfalls that confers in the area a suitable microclimate for a healthy vineyard grow.
Small yields per hectare, targeted pruning, green harvest and thinning the bunches, allow us to achieve better grape quality and provide our winery with excellent raw material.
We are a small but fully technologically equippedwinery. By taking advantage of the traditional knowledge, we stay committed to our goal of producing high quality wines that expresses the local character.
The quality of our wines is sealed by many distinctions and international prices, starting from 2011, when we first started participating in competitions.
|We are expecting you in our winery for a guided tour, to see the wine making and bottling procedure and have the chance to taste some of our best wines.